EXUMAX S.A.S. is a private Colombian company, created in 2010, dedicated to Alluvial Gold Mining.

Our goal is to introduce new technologies and work systems into the alluvial mining industry, with a Zero Mercury policy. We have professionals with ample experience in the application of modern mining methods, with an emphasis on best practice environmental management, recuperation and reforestation.

We concentrate efforts on community improvement, recognizing the need for a sustainable post-mining economy. In every project we include a plan for mine closure that directly contributes to the future necessities of the community.

At EXUMAX S.A.S., our mission is the application of appropriate technologies and techniques to alluvial mining projects, and with best practice environmental management, we guarantee to make every one of our mining operations environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and 100% mercury-free.


Our Methods

Zero Mercury – All of our processes utilize clean technologies, with no mercury, nor any other harmful chemical.

Gravimetric Seperation – The equipment we use in concentration and  final washup utilizes the principal of “gravimetric separation”, where techniques take advantage of the different densities of materials to separate gold from sands and gravels.

Our Equipment – The effectiveness of our equipment has been proven during years of alluvial gold mining and is characterised by being reliable, mobile and versatile.